It’s easy to take electricity for granted. You just flip a switch or two, and it appears! But when you’re the owner of a busy office building or a popular retail store, you know how essential it is to keep everything up and running with no glitches, including lights, computers, and much more.

At Parkland Electrical Services, we offer our commercial customers everything they need to make it through each day without worrying about interruptions caused by electrical issues.

  • Offices – Whether your office houses 3 employees or 300, we’ll help you address all your electrical needs, from everyday lighting (inside and out) to surveillance to network and communications systems set-up. We recognize that every office is a little different, so we’re eager to draft plans that are suitable for your configuration AND your budget.
  • Health services – Throughout our years of business, we’ve served many different clients in the health services field, from medical and dental offices to hospitals and veterinary practices. That means we’re familiar with what’s needed to support major medical equipment such as x-ray machines, MRIs, and CT scanners, and are happy to assist in installing this and other machinery for our health services-related clients.
  • Retail – Our retail clients include both free-standing shops and restaurants as well as mall and other tenant units. For these customers, we offer a variety of services including lighting, point-of-sale wiring, network and communications set-up, surveillance/security cameras, and much more. We recognize the unique needs of each retail client and plan accordingly so that each can achieve the look and function they require.

For more information about our services for commercial customers, fill out the contact form on this website or call us at 604-816-6676.


Leave it to the professionals when it comes to all your electrical needs.

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