Working with industrial clients brings a new group of challenges that should be handled only by electricians that are experienced with heavy machinery, engines, motor controls, and other equipment you’d find in a factory, mill, or manufacturing plant.

At Parkland Electrical Services, we’ve got that experience. We’re ready for heavy-duty challenges…literally! With plenty of experience working with a variety of industrial clients, we can offer services that include machinery installation, troubleshooting and repair of all types of complicated machines and complex systems, computer system tie-ins, and more.

We recognize that manufacturing and production facilities have far different needs than residential or commercial buildings and, as such, are trained to handle varied electrical systems and components that are crucial to an industry’s daily activities.

We understand that the functionality of electrical equipment is essential to modern industry and strive to serve our industrial clients promptly. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in a variety of industries, we can figure out what’s wrong and solve the problem!

We are adept at reading schematics and blueprints and are familiar with electrical code specifications for BC industry, providing our clients with exemplary service that abides by all the rules.

We’re excited to work with building owners, building management, or tenants, and are eager to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair your industrial, electrical, and electronic control systems as needed. We can also offer preventive maintenance programs for peace of mind and to ensure that business proceeds without interruption.

For more details about our industrial electrical services, call Parkland at 604-816-6676 or complete the form on this website.


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