Residential & Home Office

Residential (including home office)

Though we do plenty of commercial and industrial work, at Parkland Electrical Services we value our residential customers, who call on us to accomplish a number of tasks inside and outside their homes.

Today, more than ever, home offices are trending and we’ve been frequently called upon to handle the electrical needs of those now working from home and setting up a separate space inside their house for their office needs. Many Canadians are even installing small portable offices in their backyards. Our services for offices both inside and outside the home include installing new lighting and wiring, setting up technology and communication systems, installing security measures, and much more.

Of course, we’re also on hand whenever homeowners make renovations to kitchens, bathrooms, or other spaces within their homes and are available to complete all electrical work on those remodels. We’ll do lighting retrofits throughout your home, replace outlets and switches, inspect wiring, install upgrades or replacements, and fix or install anything else that involves wiring.

On the outside of your home, we’ll help you with exterior and landscape lighting and can assist you with wiring when you install a pool or hot tub on your property.

With collective decades of experience, the experts at Parkland Electrical Services can help you determine how to proceed with your next project, whether it’s creating a home office, remodeling your kitchen, or refreshing your outdoor lighting.

For a no-obligation consultation or to hear more about our residential services, call us at 604-816-6676.


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