Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections

As licensed electrical contractors, the professionals at Parkland Electrical follow the Canadian Electrical Code and, as such, have lots of guidelines to which we must adhere in order to keep our customers’ homes and businesses safe from fire and other disasters.

Electrical safety inspections come into play for a number of reasons.

  • Often, a safety inspection is required by a new homeowner’s insurance company before a property goes to settlement in order to ensure that all systems and components are up to current code and in good operating condition. Insurance companies often provide us with a checklist of items to inspect, including fuse and breaker panels, GFCI receptables, switches, outlets, and other items that might present a fire hazard if out-of-date or not working properly.
  • New homeowners who have older electrical equipment in their house but can’t afford to replace it often hire us to inspect it and determine how much life is left in it and what should be done to keep this older system going. We can make recommendations as to what can safely remain and what will need to be replaced in order to bring the system up to code and eliminate any hazards.
  • We’re often called on to inspect aluminum wiring and to convert and upgrade such systems to copper. Such wiring is common in homes built between the mid-1960s and mid-1970s and is now considered hazardous because it can easily shrink or expand with temperature changes.
  • Electrical panel inspections are a regular part of our job. We check for overloads and can also determine whether a home needs more power to accommodate things like the addition of a basement bedroom suite or perhaps a hot tub. We offer the same kind of service for commercial properties as well.
  • We also offer inspections with a high-tech infrared camera that can spot problems and “hot spots” that can’t be seen during a routine inspection.

As licensed experts in our field, we are committed to following both Canada-wide and provincial codes and strive to help our customers understand why such codes are in place. As such, we’re happy to offer our consultation services (including price estimates) so that you – the client – understand what kinds of repairs or upgrades may be necessary to keep your home or commercial property safe.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a safety inspection, call us at 604-806-6676.


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