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Back-Up Power Generators: Supply and Installation

No one likes it when their power goes out! We’re so used to the conveniences afforded us by constant-running electricity that when it disappears, we feel inconvenienced. But due to events like storms, we can lose power quickly and it can stay off for just a few minutes or even a few days.

Regardless of why the power goes out, it’s inconvenient, especially when we’re busy at work, working from home, or have other circumstances that could spell disaster if the power is out for too long. Furthermore, the loss of electricity means loss of comfort when it’s extremely cold or terribly hot outside, conditions that could be dangerous for some individuals.

Those are just a few of the reasons why back-up generators are a great investment for both residences and commercial/retail properties. With the installation of a back-up power generator, you can be sure – regardless of the weather, time of year, or other conditions – that you and your family will remain comfortable and secure. If you own a business, you’ll be certain that important work can continue, regardless of the outage.

At Parkland Electrical Services, we’ve installed countless back-up generators for our clients, including the popular Generac brand for homes and Blue Star generators for businesses.

Why are generators so popular?

  • There’s no need to turn it on! Once the power goes out, the back-up generator gets to work without even lifting a finger. You don’t even need to be on site!
  • Safety measures remain in place if your home or business is protected by a security system. With a back-up generator, cameras and other devices keep working!
  • You’ll save money when you invest in a back-up generator because you’ll avoid disasters such as a fridge full of spoiled meat or frozen/broken pipes. Having a generator also eliminates the need to pay for lodging or other alternate facilities during the outage.
  • Whether working from home or at the office, your workday won’t be interrupted and you can continue with important calls, emails, and more.
    If you’d like to hear more about the advantages of purchasing and installing a back-up generator for your home or business, call us for further information at 604-816-6676.


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