Renewable Energy & Sustainable Tech

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tech

More than ever, our world is concerned about good practices that keep our planet safe and healthy. That’s why we’ve invested plenty of time and education in learning to do our part to solve the energy crisis and address issues that affect our climate. At Parkland Electrical Services, we’re all about renewable energy and sustainable technology and can assist you in doing your part.


We have become experts in setting up car charging stations (EV charger) at your home or workplace. As a matter of fact, we receive calls almost daily from individuals or companies that are eager to install vehicle chargers for themselves, their personnel, or their clients. Not only can we help you with the installation process but we can also refer you to rebate programs and grants offered by the government that would benefit you financially if you chose to set up a car charging station.


For those who live in townhouses, condos, or other small residences, we’re excited to educate you about “load shedders”, which allow you to charge you car without the need to upgrade power in your unit, which generally can’t be done. A load shedder allows the connection of an EV charger to an electrical panel that otherwise would not have sufficient capacity to allow the connection, managing the total power used by the panel and only allowing the vehicle to charge when sufficient power is available. It’s the ideal option for “strata” housing and can be done properly in accordance with local laws and permits.

At Parkland, we also install a variety of solar panels for both homes and commercial properties. From tiny houses to large, sprawling properties, we can offer the right solar solution for your needs. Solar panels are a great money saver and great for the environment as well!

In addition, during these times when travel by land is booming, we’ve been called on regularly to set up RV connections and hook-ups. We can offer hook-ups that suit the size and style of your RV so that your vehicle is ready for use when you’re ready to be on the move.

If you’d like to learn more about Parkland Electrical Service’s sustainable solutions, call us for more information at 604-816-6676 or use the contact form on this website.


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